Roundels of the World

Welcome ! The starting point of this site is an article in an issue of Air Zone magazine, in which was enclosed for this occasion a poster showing more than 170 modern roundels of the Air Forces of the world. They are shown here in different ways : in alphabetical order, in geographical order, on clickable maps (they should be translated soon), and on thumbnails pages, sorted by form.

I tried to do my best to render the colours, even if it is very difficult to feel the real shades of colour of pages of magazines, where one has made some approximations of colour and shape, who are printed in quadrichromy. I have made some corrections, from pictures, not perfect too, being taken in magazines themselves.
A sort caption will describe the variants (depending on the time, the army, etc.) and the ambiguities.
I also tied to make the navigation easy, with links between the diffferent pages, between ambiguous roundels, between the geographical zones, countries of a same zone, etc.

Some roundels are illustrated by a picture. Clicking on the thumbs will lead you to a bigger picture of an aircraft showing the roundel. I begun to include the national flags, that can be very useful to understand the drawing of the roundel and to remember it.

The maps are taken from the Universalis encyclopaedia, as are some informations about the countries. Some issues of World Air Power Journal, the World Air Forces encyclopaedia, the magazines Air Fan, Air Action, Air Zone, some dictionnaries and encyclopaedias were very useful, too.

With all the variants, fin flashes, special markings, some researches here and there, I reached a total of 188 countries, entities or organisations, 531 roundels, flags or special markings, 146 pictures, and the work is not yet done ! Stay informed with the updates page, or by subscribing to the mailing-list.

Do not hesitate to write me, for any acknowledgments, congratulations, praises, applauses, requests for an autograph, shouts of envy, sendings of gifts, etc. but also for ideas of improvement, forgettings, errors... your messages will always be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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