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The German Democratic Republic was founded in 1949, from the Sovietic occupation sector. The NVA/LSK-LV (Nationalen Volksarmee/Luftstreitkräfte und Luftverteidigung : national people's army/Air Forces and Air Defence) were established in 1955. The reuniication of Germany occured on the 3rd Octobre 1990.
Flag Top

Flag, three horizontal stripes, black red yellow, central ornament.

Some transport aircraft of the NVA flew under the colours of the Interflug airline : the east-german flag was sported over a white stripe, above le company logo.

Roundel Top

Diamond-shaped flag, three vertical stripes, black red yellow, central ornament.

The socialist symbols adorning the flag were added to the roundel in 1959. To increase the visibility, especially over the dark shades of the camouflages, there are a lot of variations in the outlines between the colours (black, white, black and white). The black strip of the flag if always on the left side, fo the sight : towards front on the left side, towards the back on the right side. The roundel was painted on and under both wings, on the sides of the fuselage, and/or on the tail.

Variation Top

Diamond-shaped flag, three vertical stripes, black red yellow.

Roundel used from 1955, date of the rearmament of the German Democratic Republic, to 1959.

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