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The Argentine Republic, a former spanish colony, became independant in 1816, after a popular uprising which had begun in May 1810.
Flag Top

Flag, three horizontal stripes, blue white blue, yellow sun in the middle.

The argentinian flag appears on almost all the state aircraft. The sun symbol in the center, also known as Sun of May, recalls the uprising of May 1810. The aircraft of the Aviacion Naval, the argentinian navy, carry mainly the flag on the whole rudder ; nevertheless, some aircraft have the whole flag, in a smaller size. There is also a low visibility variant.

Roundel Top

Roundel, three concentric stripes, blue white blue.

Almost identical to the roundels of Greece and Salvador, the argentinese roundel distinguishes itself by a lighter blue colour. It is usually painted at the four classical positions : on both sides of the fuselage, on the upper left wing, and under the lower right wing. There is also a low visibility variant, associated to the flag.
This roundel is used by nearly all the components of the argentinese forces, which can however be distinguished by the markings that they carry. The aircraft of the air force are marked with 'Fuerza Aerea Argentina', those of the army (Comando de Aviacion del Ejercito Argentino) have a marking 'Ejercito', those of the Gendarmeria Nacional are coded GN-xxx, those of the Coast Guards carry the markings 'Prefectura Naval Argentina' and are coded PA-xx (formerly PM-xx for Prefecture Nacional Maritima).

Variation Top

Black anchor, with a yellow sun and a red hat, over a white disc, blue-white-blue border.

The aircraft of the Naval Aviation distinguish themselves by a white roundel, rounded by a blue-white-blue border, with in the center a black navy anchor carrying two republican symbols : a 'Sun of May' and a red phrygian cap, and also the marking 'Armada'.

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