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Flag Top

Flag, yellow lozange over a green background, blue disc with white stars, white stripe with marking ORDEM E PROGRESSO.

Roundel Top

Star with five green and yellow points, blue disc with a white border in the middle.

Roundel used on the aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, which also carry the marking 'Força Aérea Brazileira'.
Photo Alexandre Dubath :

Fin flashes Top

Fin flash, two vertical stripes, green yellow.

Fin flash used either as it on the tail, or on the whole rudder of the aircraft. It is associated with the star on the aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force or with the shielded-form insignia of the Army.


Fin flash, three vertical stripes, blue yellow green.

Fin flash associated to the three coloured roundel on the aircraft of the brazilian navy.

Variations Top

Proportions for this variant are slightly different.


Blue yellow green shield, with five stars in the middle, a white border and a sword in the background

Insignia used on the aircraft of the Brazilian Army (Aviaçao do Exército Brasileiro), in association with the marking 'EXERCITO BRASILIERO'.


Roundel, three concentric stripes, blue yellow green.

Roundel used on the aircraft of the brazilian navy (Força Aéronaval da Marinha do Brazil), together with a three-striped fin flash, a naval anchor and the marking MARINHA.


Roundel based upon the USAAF roundel, used during WW2 on brazilian aircraft fighting within the american forces.

Ambiguities Top

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