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Chile Letter 'C' America South America Map

Flag Top

Flag, two horizontal stripes white red, blue quarter in the uper left corner, with a white star.

The chilean national flag is sometimes sported on the tail of some aircraft, besides the usual markings.

Roundel Top

Shield, split horizontally in two parts, blue and red, white star in the middle.

The chilean national inginia uses the elements of the national flag. It is painted on the right wing and under the left wing of the aircraft of the Fuerza Aérea de Chile.

Fin flashes Top

The fin flash uses the white star over a blue field taken from the national flag. It is most often painted on the rudder, however it is painted on the whole fin on some aircraft.


White star.

Low visibility variant of the fin flash.

Variations Top

Black navy anchor with a star at the top.

The aircraft of the chilean navy (Servicio de Aviación de la Armada de Chile) use besides the roundel a navy anchor and the markings 'NAVAL' and 'Armada de Chile'.


Low visibility variant.

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