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A former spanish colony, Colombia finds its origins in the Greater Colombia Federation, founded in 1819 by Simon Bolivar in opposition to the Spanish domination. Besides Colombia, this federation included Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. When Bolivar died, in 1830, the federation was disbanded, and each of the four countries gained its own independance.
Flag Top

Flag, three horizontal stripes, yellow blue, red, wide yellow stripe.

The Colombian national flag strongly looks like the flags of Venezuela and Ecuador, these three countries finding common historic origins. It is also used as a fin flash. One finds it in a smaller size of the tail of the camouflaged aircraft, and on the whole rudder of the non camouflaged aircraft.

Roundel Top

The star at the center of the roundel must not be mistaken with the stars of the Venezuelan national flag.

Variation Top

Low visibiliy outlined version.

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