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Georgia Letter 'G' Asia CIS Map

A former socialist sovietic republic, Georgia became independant on the 9 avril 1991.
Flag Top

Red cross aver a white background, with four smaller crosses in the corners.

New flag used since january 2004.

Roundel Top

Seven pointed red star, over a white disc, black border.

The proportions of the points of the star may vary, like the orientation of the star, or the colour and the thickness of the border.

Variations Top

Seven pointed red star, over a white disc, blue segmented border.


Seven pointed red star, no background, blue segmented border.

Variant without the white background, seen on bare metal Georgian L-29 Delfins.


Seven pointed black star, black border.

Low-visibility variant seen on Georgian Bell Uh-1 Hueys.

Former Top

Red roundel, upper left quarter divided in two stripes black and white.

Roundel based upon the ancient flag.


Red flag, upper left corner divided in two stripes of black and white.

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