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A former british colony, India became independant on the 15th of August 1947.
Flag Top

Flag, three horizontal stripes, orange white green, blue central ornament.

The traditionnal colours of the Indian national flag are saffro, white and green. The central ornament is a traditionnal Indian symbol, the buddhist 'dharma shakra' 24-rayed wheel.

Roundel Top

Roundel, three concentric stripes, green white orange.

The current roundel of the Bharatiya Vayu Sena, the Indian air force, uses the colours of the Indian national flag.
Photo Anthony 'ZiZiPoTe' Murcia :

Fin flash Top

Flah, three vertical stripes, green white orange.

Arranged differently of the national flag, the fin flash uses the colours order of the actuel roundel. The white central stripe is very often seen thinner than the two other ones.
Photo Anthony 'ZiZiPoTe' Murcia :

Former Top

Wheel with 24 blue rays, white background, blue border.

Roundel used from 1947, date of the independence of India, to 1948. It uses the central ornament of the indian national flag.


Flag, three vertical stripes, orange white green.

Fin flash used with the 'dharma shakra' roundel. The order of the colours is inverted, compared to the current fin flash, but is somewhat similar to the order on the british RAF fin flash.

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