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Flag Top

Flag, three horizontal stripes, green white red, trapezoidal part at the front.

Today the sole distinctive emblem of the koweiti military aircraft, the koweiti national flag is painted on the rudder, sometimes in very small size (F-18C, F1C). The black part is always facing to the front, the green stripe being upwards. It is sometimes used in a stylised way of a three coloured stripe, green white red, painted on the fuselage of trasport aircraft (C-130, DC 9).
Photo Alexandre Dubath :

Roundel Top

Roundel, four concentric stripes, black red white green.

Formerly seen at the six classical positions, the koweiti roundel is nowadays no longer used on the koweiti military aircraft (neither above or under the wings, nor on the fuselage). The aircraft generally have a code composed of the abreviation KAF and a serial number, sometimes repeated in arabic numbers. Transport aircraft have a 'Kuwait Air Force' marking on the fuselage. Aircraft of the Kuwaiti Police wear the flag and the marking 'POLICE'.

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