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Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Letter 'M' Europe Balkans Map

Macedonia gained its independancy on the 17th of November 1991, after the splitting of Yugoslavia. Greece being opposed to the use of the name Macedonia (applying only to the Greek province), the country became member of the UNO under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or FYROM.
Flag Top

Flag, yellow sun with 8 rays, over red background.

The macedonian national flag, adpted in 1995, is used as a fin flash.

Roundel Top

Red and yellow triangle, made of a red lozange and two small yellow triangles, inverted border yellow and red.

Roundel seen most of the time on the fixed-wing aircraft. The triangle is always facing forward.

Former Top

Flag, stylised yellow sun with 16 rays, over red background.

The sun of Verghina is a traditional emblem of antic Macedonia. It was used during some times as a fin flash, but its use was droppped due to Greece pressure.

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