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Dominican Republic Letter 'D' America Caribs Map

Flag Top

Flag, white cross with coat of arms, over two blue quarters (top left, bottom right) and two red quarters (opposite).

Roundel Top

Roundel, four quarters blue red blue red, split by a white cross, divided by a white ring.

Roundel inspired from the dominican national flag. Aircraft of the Fuerza Aérea Dominicana are usually coded FAD-xxxx.

Fin flash Top

Flag, four quarters blue red blue red, split by a white cross.

Simplified version of the national flag, without the coat of arms. Fin flash used either as it across the tail, or on the whole rudder of the aircraft.

Variations Top

Flag, four quarters split by a white cross, two red ones (bottom left, top right), a blue one (top left) and one divided in four horizontal stripes (green white red yellow).

Simplified version of the flag used on the aircraft of the Escuadrón de Caballería Aérea of the Ejercito Nacional, whose flag is used.


Low visibility variant.

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