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The Czech Republic is born on the 1st of January 1993, from the partition of the Federative Republic of Czechoslovakia into two different states : the Czech Republic, which kept the former flag and roundel, and the Slovakia, which chose new symbols.
Flag Top

Flag, three sectors, blue white red.

The flag of the Czech Republic is identical to thie one of the former Czechoslovaquia.

Roundel Top

Roundel, three sectors, blue white red, blue border.

The czech roundel is identical to the former czechoslovakian roundel. It is painted of the read part of the fuselage of the helicopters, and of the tail of the planes. The blue sector is always facing forward. On the sides, the white part is upside ; on and under the wings, the white is facing outwards, the roundels appearing in a symmetrical way.

Variations Top

Roundel, three sectors, blue white red, white border.

White border roundel, used on dark camouflage colours to get a better contrast.


Roundel, three sectors, three shades of grey.

Low visibility variant.

Ambiguities Top

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